Who are Mr./Ms.InfiRay:

  • Do you like and support infiRay brand and products?
    Are you active in social platforms, online and offline communities?
    Are you good at content creation and are willing to share your review feelings with others?

  • If your answer is“Yes!”

  • Congratulations!
    you are probably the right Mr./Ms.InfiRay we are looking for!
    So please fill in the registration form and participate into our recruitment!

What Mr./Ms.InfiRay will do:

  • Review infiRay products ,and share your review with your friends and us

  • Act as the bridge between our customers and the brand.

  • Carry out brand campaigns with infiRay Outdoor together.

What can Mr./Ms.InfiRay benefit?

  • Review infiRay Outdoor devices, and have the opportunity to review the newest devices;

  • A set of InfiRay exclusive 2021 souvenir;

  • Enjoy 70% discounts for two infiRay outdoor devices;

  • The opportunity to get rewards for InfiRay Limited Edition RICO/E6 products ;
    What’s more
    if you are selected as Mr./Ms.InfiRay. During the coming year, as long as you create more qualified contents, you will be outstanding and be awarded:

  • InfiRay Limited Edition RICO/E6 PRO products

  • InfiRay VIP after-sales service

  • In the second year, priority will be given to become Mr./Ms.InfiRay

When to hold this campaign?

When to hold this campaign?

  • The Recruitment Period: May 28th,2021-July 28th,2021

  • The Selection Period: July 29th,2021-August 10st,2021

  • Mr./Ms.infiRay Competition Period: September 1st,2021-September 1st,2022

How to participate in this campaign?

  • Just 4 steps!

  • Step 1:To check whether you are qualified and willing to become Mr/Ms.InfiRay;

  • Step 2:To click “Registration to become Mr/Ms.infiRay”in the official website;

  • Step 3:Fill in the registration form and submit;

  • Step 4:On July 28th, informed to be Mr/Ms.infiRay by infiRay Outdoor if you are selected;

Application Requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age.

  • Legally allowed to own firearms.

  • No felony convictions.

  • No hunting/fishing/game violations.

  • InfiRay reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove.

Wenn Sie an unseren Produkten interessiert sind und mehr Details wissen möchten, hinterlassen Sie bitte hier eine Nachricht. Wir werden Ihnen so schnell wie möglich antworten.